pUttpure lets you putt with pure precision

Just place the removable pUttpure rods on the face of any putter and practice your stroke. Taking pUttpure with you is easy with the included bag and clip. Never worry about it getting lost in your golf bag, or being left behind. pUttpure is an accurate, yet simple, way to increase your putting proficiency.

pUttpure rods help you clearly see your stroke alignment so you can more easily develop a smoother tempo and rhythm. With the rods attached to your putter, you have increased awareness of the squared club face. This increased awareness provides centered contact with the ball to improve your aim and increase your accuracy. The vibrating of the rods on a miss-hit provides instant feedback, helping to improve your follow through and muscle memory, freeing you to focus on distance and alignment.

Raise your confidence and lower your score with pUttpure!