pUttpure is simple and impactful

“pUttpure is an excellent putting and short game aid.  My student’s love it, because they get immediate results.  I love it, because it so simple and impactful!  Not only does it help your putting aim and perfect sweet spot contact, it provides an excellent visual of...

pUttpure gives me confidence

“I am a high handicap golfer and because of a tremor in my hands I have been overly subject to the yips. I can not explain why, but your Putt Pure simply cured me. I think it is because it makes me focus and gives me such confidence…who cares why, it just...

pUttpure is Wonderful

“As a small female, 5’1/2” and 100 lbs I must depend on my short game and especially putting. Your pUttpure product is simply wonderful!”

pUttpure is going to produce a lot of fistpumps!

“As a past Long Drive Competitor, I enjoy being able to hit it far, but love making those ten footers better. Putt Pure is a heck of a training aide and is going to produce a lot of fistpumps.”

The ball goes where the face points

“I’ve analyzed more than 65,000 putting strokes using PuttLab, and I’ve found that the angle of the putterface at impact determines as much as 95 percent of the starting line of any putt. Simply put, the ball goes where the face points, so if you...

About pUttpure

pUttpure is an accurate, yet simple, way to increase your putting proficiency. Simply apply the two magnetic pUttpure rods to your putter and you will quickly see how easy it is to perfect your putting technique. pUttpure can be taken with you anywhere you go, and comes with a carrying pouch and bag clip/snap hook for mobile convenience.

Designed in the USA
Patent Pending

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